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Have you ever tried to describe a particular noise your vehicle is making to your mechanic? Many times the way in which you describe the sounds you hear can lead a well trained auto repair tech to a quicker and more accurate diagnosis of the problem. Unfortunately, when the way you describe the noise and the way your tech translates your description don't match, time and money can be wasted searching for the real issue. Believe it or not, the modern auto repair man has an official listing of names of common noises that they use when diagnosing your vehicle's problems. Please refer to the list below to best match the noise you hear with the official "noise name" before you call and we will be better suited to make the proper diagnosis the first time.


Noise Name

Sounds Like...

Banging Slamming a wooden screen door
Bonging Striking a large gong
Booming Distant thunder
Buzzing A swarm of bees
Chafing Rubbing dry hands together
Chattering Windshield wipers sweeping a dry windshield
Chirping A cricket calling
Clacking a railroad car rolling down a track
Clanging A cow bell or dinner bell ringing
Clanking Dropping a heavy wrench on a concrete floor
Clapping Patting your hands together
Clashing Striking a pair of cymbals together
Clattering Dropping wood blocks on a concrete floor
Clicking Flipping a light switch on and off
Clinking Empty bottles hitting each other
Clunking Slamming a heavy wooden door
Cracking A tree branch snapping loose
Crackling Logs burning in a fireplace
Creaking Swinging open a rusty-hinged gate
Croaking A bullfrog calling
Crunching Walking on gravel
Droning A small plane flying in the distance
Drumming Nervous fingers tapping on a desk
Fluttering A flag flapping in the wind
Grating Raking a shovel over pavement
Grinding A garbage disposal running
Groaning Stepping on old floorboards
Growling A guard dog ready to attack
Gurgling Water going down a bathtub drain
Hissing Air leaking from a tire
Hooting An owl calling
Howling Wind blowing through a cracked open door
Humming A high-voltage transformer at work
Jingling Loose coins in your pocket
Knocking Rapping your knuckles on a wooden door
Moaning Blowing across the mouth of an empty jug
Oil-canning Flexing a metal gasoline can
Pattering Rain drops hitting a window pane
Pinging Marbles rolling around in a can
Popping Opening a champagne bottle
Pounding Slamming your fist on a  desk top
Rapping A gavel striking a sound block
Rattling Shaking a box of loose candy
Roaring A raging river
Rumbling Clothes tumbling in a dryer
Scratching Rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together
Screeching Running your fingernails across a chalkboard
Slapping Hitting the water with the flat side of an oar
Squeaking Walking across a hardwood floor with wet shoes
Squealing Tires making a hard, fast turn
Ticking A mechanical clock keeping time
Whining A distant siren
Whistling A tea kettle at full boil
Zapping A short, quick buzz

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